Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Prep ~ Treats, Tree Decorating, Advent Gifts and Paper Nativities

A tower of treats from my sweet sister, Joy.  :-)

Gifts for the first Sunday of Advent. 
The kids all got a flashlight for their first gift, a very useful and enjoyed item that we buy for them about once a year and they try to make them last.  The other advent gifts for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays: slippers, tickets to a live production of Wizard of Oz and a new book.
Cheerful snowflake dresses!  Not everybody is feeling the cheer.  :(
The beautiful tree that Will picked, being beautifully decorated by all of the Jones children.

He's 14 and still loves getting out his own ornaments and hanging them up.
A friend sent me a link to a website with a printable paper nativity.  Amelia, Cecily and Elijah spent a morning coloring, cutting and talking about Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the animals, and the wise men.  We read a children's book about Christ's birth before we worked on it, to make the story fresh in their minds.

Here is the link for this cute printable: paper nativity

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