Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas with Grammy and Papa - Part 1

 If you didn't know, my parents came for Christmas!  Best gift imaginable.  They flew in several days before Christmas.  Above is Mom with Amelia at the restaurant that we stopped to eat at on the way home from the airport.  It's a favorite restaurant of my dad's from visits in the past. 
 The waitresses insisted many times that the children pick a candy cane from off of the tree on the way out of the restaurant.  What a special treat it was for them to get to eat out!
 Another treat:  the next day we got ourselves together to go to a live production of Wizard of Oz.  The children have been to the movie theatre before, but they have never seen a play or live acting.  Our two littlest ones spent the afternoon with a dear friend.  The rest of us got a group picture next to the van in the parking lot where we parked.
 Excited for the show.

 I don't know the history of this theater, but it looks like an old one that has been fixed up and re-opened for use.  It was a very pretty, old building.

 Millie with her ticket.

 Beautiful, old chandelier.
 Ready to leave.  It was just the right length and we all loved it!  A very memorable outing.
 On the stroll back to our parking lot, we passed through a portion of the downtown area.  There were a lot of Christmas decorations on the buildings, especially the courthouse.  It felt like kind of a magical day.
 Christmas time is a great time to spend time together and make memories!

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