Friday, January 31, 2014

USS Alabama

 Peter's brother and his sweet family live across the bay from Mobile, Alabama.  They are a homeschooling family also and wanted to take us to see the World War II battleship that is in the harbor there.  I just love doing "field trips" like this, so I was excited.  The weather was fantastic too.  Not to mention that we just love being together with this family.  The children are very attached to their cousins and I have the best sister-in-law ever.  :)

 Ben, inside of a gun turret.
 This is inside the first level above the deck.  You can't imagine how many layers it goes down below deck.  We didn't even get to see it all, it just goes on and on.
 Here is a model of the whole ship, USS Alabama.

 Some people did the climbing to see the several stories above the deck.

 Just look at how big these chains are at the front of the boat.
 And the size of these guns!

 Girls, with their cousin, Emma.
 Calvin and his cousin, Ethan, are a similar age.
Several of these pictures were taken by my sister-in-law.  I'm so glad that they thought to take us to see the ship.  It was a very kid-friendly outing and enjoyed by all.

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Kathy Poncy said...

Such a fun and unique field trip for all. I'm a little envious. I don't know the battle history of this ship but those who served aboard are honored citizens. My uncle was in the Navy during WWII and served in the Pacific Theatre.

So glad you got some great family time. Looks like all of those cousins are very close.

Thanks for another great post. Hope you are keeping nice and warm.

Love each of you.