Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have achieved the first broken bone in our family. Ben had a sledding accident yesterday. He landed very hard on his shoulder and it became quickly evident that it was a lasting sort of injury. I took him in to get these X-rays and as you can see, it is indeed fractured. He's doing well. There's no cast or any treatment for this type of break. He has a little sling to support his arm and remind him to keep it still. He was rather calm today, but otherwise entirely himself. This is the third X-ray that Ben has had. There seems to be one accident-prone child in every family. I told Peter last night that all the gray hairs coming in on my head are a result of the worry over dear Benny. I went to bed feeling comforted that God can take much better care of him than I can. He's got it under control.


Scott & Jaime Miller said...

Wow! I am sorry to hear this! Will keep you in my prayers.

Lora said...

Ouch!!! Sounds painful! Hope he heals fast. It is never easy seeing our kids in any kind of pain. I enjoy reading your posts, Julie. Wish we lived closer to you guys!

laffing dawg said...

Oh Ben, Ouch, ouch, ouch. I had the exact same injury at the exact same age. One too many twirls around a bar on the playground. I remember every thing about it. I will be praying. Wear your sling just like the doctor tells you.

Love and Hugs, to mom and dad too,

Peter Jones said...

Lora- Thanks! That was a very nice thing to say. I wish we lived closer to you too!