Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here's a mismatched collection of pictures from the last week or so. First is Ben and Millie really proud of themselves for getting ready to go to the store with dad on their own. Good thing Peter was the one taking them, because I would have had to break their hearts and make them change their outfits.Cecily on Valentine's day in the "heart" outfit from Grammy.
Apparently, she was very drooly.
Valentine's/Sabbath dinner
When you hold her, you really can't help kissing her.

A "man" Sam made from the sled.
Watching Little House on the Prairie. The boot lady strikes again.
The 3 year old that's nearly 4.
In the previous post, I put some pictures of Ben and Millie picking up sticks off the deck. This picture was taken literally minutes after those other pictures were taken. A storm just sort of blew in. It was funny because it got very blizzardy and then suddenly the sun came out and ALL of the snow melted again. By late afternoon, it was all gone again. Crazy.
Watching the snow. This sliding door ends up being one of the major distractions to school time. It's so hard not to want to watch the trees and birds out back (and storms).
Peter working. His daily work usually looks a lot like this. Slippers and all.
Not going anywhere without a baby in hand these days.
She does share the babies. She often wants Cecily to have one.
Ever since we went to the Aquarium we've had an even higher number of aquatic themed drawings than normal. This one is William's from this week.
William drawing during read aloud.
Calvin's favorite coloring utensil lately is a marker. He's working through several pictures in his truck coloring book.

One of Sam's drawings.
Sam drew some fish for Ben and then Ben colored them.
Amelia really wants her babies to do what she's doing now. If she sits, they must sit.
She does try to feed them when she eats, but we have to draw the line somewhere.
Another boot and hat combo.
Believe it or not, she's ready for bed.


Lora said...

So funny that we both posted pictures of "drawings". My kids LOVE to draw!!! Enjoyed the pictures of the kids. Looks like it was a fun Valentine's dinner too. :)

Jennie and Julie said...

These photos brought a lot of smiles to our faces this morning! We love to see Millie in her boots and hats and funny outfits. Papa commented that Sam and Will have really grown in their drawing ability. Papa esp. liked Sam's shark. And I liked Will's jelly fish. You know you guys really have fun weeks over there!

Jennie and Julie said...

I forgot to mention that the baby Millie shared with Cecily is bigger than Cecily LOL!