Monday, February 9, 2009


"...Happy Birthday dear William, Happy Birthday to you!"
Hurray! It's my day!

Our family party table.


Not too hard to blow out that one candle. :-)

A fun, four-layered cake.

A G.A. Henty book for his collection, from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John. I believe this one is called The Dragon and the Raven.
He really enjoyed this Dr. Seuss card from Leslie too.

A military compass.

This package contained a yo-yo for William from his brothers.

A military canteen.

Some C.S. Lewis books from Grammy and Papa. Always a good gift. Look at that smile.

He got a couple of cards with money in them. He's always happy to see these gifts too because he loves to see his savings grow.

The big gift for last. He got some more fischertechnik engineering building pieces.

This last picture is of the birthday fort. Peter let the boys build a big fort and Sam and Will got to sleep in it on Will's birthday. The next day was Saturday, so they got to leave it up and play in it a good bit of the day.

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Lora said...

What a yummy looking cake! Happy Birthday William! ;)