Friday, February 20, 2009


When I take pictures, it tends to be because we're doing something special. I decided to take a few pictures of just normal life. I snapped a few of the boys doing chores for a couple of days and thought I'd share them. I ended up somehow omitting Samuel, who is a huge help when it comes to cleaning. He was busy doing his chores too, but I forgot to get him in these pictures.
Here, William is actually putting the vacuum away and getting a spontaneous hug from behind. :-)
Putting books away. We do a LOT of that.
Hurray! He is old enough to sweep and mop on his own these days. He's been doing a really good job of it.
Putting clothes away.
I saved the best for last. Yesterday, I asked Ben to go out and clean all of the twigs and branches off the deck that had blown/fallen there. Millie was very excited to help him. Of course, she didn't care that she was still in her pajamas. Lately, she always has someone's (anyone's) boots on and a hat of some kind. The combinations can be quite charming and occasionally hilarious. She saw Ben with boots and hat on and threw these on to go join him.
Ben very nicely helped her "help" him.
They had a GREAT time carrying these sticks over to the woods.
This was my favorite. You can tell how much fun they had!


Anonymous said...

Memories for a lifetime. My mom has so many of these memories of her and her 4 brothers and sisters and they are a delight to hear.

Julie and Peter, I cannot even tell you how much your blog means in my life right now.

Forever grateful,

Jennie and Julie said...

Thank you for posting these cute pictures. It's one thing for you to tell me about Millie's attraction to boots...and quite another to see her in the boots, pj's and hat! It's so nice you have big helpers these days to keep the house tidy: )