Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Cecily is eating pureed food these days. I thought I'd get a picture of the cute bib that my Grandma Bethel sent her for her Christmas present. You can see that she especially likes it!
As a side note, this little one has been the hardest to start on food of all the kids. She really, really didn't like food in her mouth. It took weeks of daily bites and lots of encouragement to get her to finally swallow something. I've never had a baby cough and spit and splutter over a little food in their mouth the way she did. It makes us really grateful to have her happily swallowing food now! She's putting on a little weight and picking up appetite. They all get it eventually!


Jennie and Julie said...

She is getting to be so big and so cute...what big eyes she has. Thanks for posting that for Grandma to see, I know she'll rave over it when I talk to her next.
Love, Mom

Lora said...

What a sweetie. And the bib is so cute. Jorie was (and IS) our little picky eater. As a baby, it was especially hard. And I had to work with her ALOT in the beginning just so that she'd breastfeed!!! Then she never wanted to stop. I breastfed her the longest out of all three. :)