Saturday, June 20, 2009


A few Saturdays back, Joshua and Kristin Stedman from church invited us to go out to a lake with them. We all went out to Chestnut Ridge Park for the afternoon. The Stedmans have a small portable grill that we used to cook some hot dogs. Below is Josh and Calvin.This is Titus Stedman. I think that he is about 3 months old here.
Setting up the picnic table for lunch. In the background you can see the playground and the lake.
Waiting for lunch...
Oops. Millie tripped and scratched her knee.
Cecily enjoyed the time outside. She scooted around on this blanket.
She even scooted over to say hello to Titus.
Kristin is doing such a great job as a mom.
The Stedman Family
After lunch we all went over and enjoyed the lake. It was pretty cool, so we hadn't brought swimsuits. Peter and Josh and the boys spread out along the shore to do some fishing.
Nobody got any fish, but they enjoyed it anyway.
Amelia enjoyed the sandy beach.
She eventually got her feet wet.
I think after a while, everyone wished they had brought their suits. They had to settle with some wading.

We let Millie get her clothes wet since she was the only one with a change of clothes.
She had a marvelous, fun time. So many new discoveries at this age.
Cecily snoozed in her car seat. :-)
The boys all caught a bunch of salamanders, of course.
Some of these pictures were taken by Kristin. She took the salamander ones.

I like this one that Kristin took. This is Ben showing her a salamander. The poor salamander!!
Samuel especially enjoyed catching and observing dragonflies.
Mr. Stedman helped Sam find a way to get wet without swimming.
Josh and Kristin got their feet wet too. :-)
Peter and Cecily, as we were leaving.
Cecily thought it was great!
Today is Saturday and obviously I'm not at the lake today!! I'm home getting ready to have some marvelous, good fellowship with God's people tomorrow. We've set up the tables and chairs and I'm about to go assemble the spinach lasagnas. We're looking forward to some time with a family from Arizona who visited this area last summer and are back again. They'll be worshipping with us tomorrow and sharing our family feast afterwards along with another family or two from church. Good conversation is very much looked forward to! I hope your Sabbath will be restful, worshipful and filled with joyous fellowship as well.

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Anonymous said...

I love getting to know your friends this way. Just wish I was there to join in. I love the Millie pics. That really is a special age. And salamanders - now those guys have been on the planet a long time. Just read an interesting article on them in the Smokies Newsletter that I get. Slimy but interesting. Hope the hot dogs were good and the fellowship even better.

Hugs for you and happy Sabbath,