Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Actually, we're planning to try to go out to the Oldlands' about once a week to help with gardening. These pictures are from Memorial Day.
This is Cecily and Jonathan greeting each other when we first arrived. He crawled right over and sat here interacting with her for a while.
They're so cute reaching out and touching each other and "talking" to each other.
Bill and Peter in the lower garden. Peter is leaning over the onions.
Some of the kids at the upper garden.
Sam is showing them a crab spider he found.
The mound next to Will has broccoli and cabbage plants and the farther mound has pea vines.
Three of the six rows of green beans.
Using shovels to turn over soil on the unplanted mounds that were starting to get some weeds.
Millie is heading for the house.
Water break.
The water was by the lower garden, so this is looking from there up to the upper garden.
Weeding, building a trellis for the pea vines and working on the fence.
Amelia was doing her part, playing hard. :-)
Jonathan and Cecily played together in the portable crib.
Calvin and Millie played a little on the swingset before we left.
Amelia is just figuring this thing out. Calvin helped her get her legs and feet into the right position and to hold on tight.
There, she got the hang of it.
Some goofing around in the car on the way home. (It's about 1/2 hour)
:-) A little sunburn to take home!

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Jennie and Julie said...

It's 7am and I'm tickled to see my grandchildren this morning on the blog! Thanks for sharing these photos as I've been curious about the gardens and what they looked like. They look wonderful and you should have some tasty crops. The kids make the photos superior however : )