Thursday, June 18, 2009


Planting Impatiens with the 4 year old and 2 year old. Even if we planted nothing, they love to dig and dig!Amelia is following my example to loosen the roots a bit.
Calvin is showing off his "tamping" technique. (They did such a good job!)
And they were so proud of the finished product.
Whoops. I put this out of order. This is scooping compost into the pots before planting.
It's almost like planting was intended for kids this age. They loved each step.
And last of all, we watered them of course.
Although she enjoyed it all, I think Millie liked watering best. Calvin helped her to pour proportionate amounts. And now we have two pots with shade-loving blooms sitting in a cool place on our front porch. :-)


Anonymous said...

I know that you will be teaching or have taught that gardening was our first "job" given by God. I so love to garden. Chris and Madelle Friess are coming over next weekend to give me some gardening consult for my new and old spaces. Then Doug will loosen some of the old soil so I can plant.
Jennie, I haven't forgotten!

Lora said...

Such a cute post. Can't believe how grown up Amelia is looking!

Peter Jones said...

Yes, gardening is wonderful. I'm glad that you are fixing up your space too. It's great to do what you can. I bet your yard looks great.