Monday, June 15, 2009


The boys have caught a number of frogs over the last year. They caught three little toads (we think) last fall. We still have one of them. He's only a few centimeters long. Peter bought the boys an empty fish tank to use as a terrarium and he lives in there, in the garage. The boys catch insects to feed him. He hibernated over the winter. His name is Teddy. Recently, they were so excited to spot a larger frog on our deck during a rain storm. We've given him a temporary home in the terrarium in order to enjoy and study him a bit before setting him loose. The boys have called him Algonquin. Samuel created a logbook to record observations about his terrarium friends while they are with us. They've caught lots of other things that are kept briefly and then released, salamanders, snakes and bugs of all kinds. Most of these have been caught here at our house, and some at places we've visited. Samuel is working on a blogpost talking about the different things that he has caught with pictures to record them. So there will be more about this to come...
THIS post, however, is really about the frogs. We got them out the other day.
Can you guess what she is holding?
Algonquin. :-) When the boys hold him he can be very hard to hold onto. He jumps out of their grasp so quickly! But, he seems to like Amelia's little palm and placidly sits there.
Once she had him she wasn't letting him go.
I took a little video of Millie with the frogs. The boys love the ending.


Anonymous said...

Ah, a post I can relate to :-) Every vacation time we traveled to Union Creek - Prospect, Oregon from Los Angeles for 3 weeks to camp and fish the Rogue River. I was a frog catcher and still remember one of my dad's fishing buddies emptying his bait can and filling it with frogs for me. I was in heaven. So here's to ya, Teddy. Have a fun, frog filled summer y'all.

Lora said...

I love frogs. Always caught them as a kid and still do for my kids! Occasionally, we get them in our backyard. But, haven't seen any for a while. Such a cute video too. :)

Jennie and Julie said...

What a cute video...especially your little scream : ) That really made me smile and laugh, and started my day out just right! Grammy