Sunday, November 1, 2009


October 2nd was the landmark day for Cecily. She completed her first year.I took some pictures of her outside while dinner was cooking on the grill.

Peter was trying to get her to look at me and smile. She's not overly cooperative that way. She's not all that smiley of a baby.

I settled for some shots of her looking somewhere else.
I actually just like her hand in this one.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...."That first bite of cake.
Now it's nearly gone.
It looks like she's trying to hold in a major mouthful!
At the end, she was engrossed in the frosting that was sticking to her fingers so badly. She wanted it off.
After partially succeeding to get it off, she rubbed the rest in her hair.
Apparently, the interest in the cake is gone. She began to chew on her plate.
It was a three-layer carrot cake. It tasted phenomenal, but didn't look quite that good. :-)
One last cake picture. She next leaned over that highchair tray and went after the whole thing!
Downstairs and ready for gifts. (This was the first time to use my new camera and I didn't realize that there was some fingerprints on the lens. All the pictures have fuzzy spots. I really wasn't too upset though because I was glad that I had got any pictures at all since I hadn't had a camera for several weeks.)
Amelia knows exactly what's coming.
Peter is helping Cecily open her cards.

A sweet gift sent by Papa and Grammy...
...a beautiful, blue, snowflake dress for Cecily for the winter. It matters that she ordered it from the Wooden Soldier. That is such a treat. Their clothes are truly special. Thank you Grammy and Papa!!
Once she got that bow in her hand, that was really all she wanted.
Peter picked out a photo album for her and I put some pictures of her family in it.
I picked out some squeezy bath toys for her.
She's pulling them out of the case, one by one.
She immediately loved the one that's shaped like a flower.
This and the bow were the things she played with the rest of the time.
"Cecily, look at the camera!"
A fuzzy picture of everyone cheering at the end of gift opening.
A little playtime on the floor.
She LOVES it when we lay on the floor.
The last thing we did before we put the tired birthday girl to bed was help her take a few steps. Above she is walking from Peter to me. It was fun to help her walk a little on her birthday.
Hurray for 1 year!!!


Lora said...

What a fun post. Happy Birthday Cecily! That year went by so fast! Cecily seems so petite to me, Julie. Is she smaller than Amelia was at that age? I always think Amelia looks so old for her age! Maybe it's her long hair?

Peter Jones said...

Yes, Cecily is definitely smaller than Amelia. She seems like maybe she is kind of petite. Amelia is large for her age. She's wearing a size 4 at age 2, none of the boys ever did that. She's tall! It will be fascinating to see how they all come out as adults!

Lora said...

Joshua is little too. :) He's still wearing size 18 month pants! When I see pics of Amelia, she just looks so much older than Joshua and they are almost the same age! They all grow so differently don't they? Jorie is tall for her age. But, she's starting to slow down a bit and isn't the tallest in her class anymore. :)