Sunday, November 8, 2009


A ball, a zoo, pumpkins and leaves. In that order. Here we go.We attended the local home school Harvest Ball a few weeks back. They are meant to be historical, sort of a Civil War Ball.
Will and Sam enjoy taking pictures during the dances that they can't participate in. Will took this picture of the pumpkin bars that we brought to add to the refreshments.
Here is some of our group, sitting on the side watching. Watching is mostly what we come to do. We're just trying to learn the dances and participate as we are able so that our kids will all be comfortable and familiar. We'd like to have this type of dancing be a regular part of our church life eventually. We'd like to see our church community, including all ages, dancing together to celebrate the Lord of the Dance!
I thought these two young girls looked so cute walking around together in their historic gowns.
I think Will took this one too. We don't have historic costumes to wear, so we just dress up a bit.
Cecily played ever so happily back here behind our chairs.
Here's some shots of the dancers. This dance is done in a long line with the partners facing each other.
The partners come together.
This couple in the Chinese costumes is one of our two engaged couples at church. This is Tim Woody and Shaela Carpenter. Peter will be performing their marriage ceremony next month.
Too bad it's from the back, but this couple is the hosting parents of the ball, Mr. and Mrs. Kincell, doing the Salty Dog Rag. I loved seeing them do this lively dance!
One of our dear young men from church saying hello to Amelia in the middle of doing the Salty Dog Rag with Hannah Moss.
There they go. Everyone loves this dance.
Tim and Shaela doing it as well.
And last, doing the Pattycake Polka. This is one that the kids can do so we joined in.
The Good Zoo
We did make our final trip to the Good Zoo before the membership ran out. Lucky for you, my camera battery died almost right away and I took hardly any pictures! But here they are entering and dying of anticipation to see the new 18 foot Python! Millie is going through the door saying, "See the big 'nake? See the big 'nake?"
My kids enjoying the Meerkats, on the way to the Python.
There she is. They were thrilled. We visited her a few times throughout the day. Once, she yawned and opened her jaws to full capacity and our jaws fell to the floor.
Golden Lion Tamarinds.
Emerald Green Tree Python.

Pumpkin Carving

Feeding Cecily Cheerios.
Not big enough to participate much, but enjoying the whole deal anyhow.

Raking Leaves
I think this picture was the second raking. We've done three so far.
The little ones don't mind undoing the work.
The younger you are, the more you're delighted to discover the joy of leaves.
(the warm weather sure has been nice)

Cal wanted me to take his picture. As soon as I took this, he asked, "Did I look like an owl?" I kept it because I think he's a hoot!
"Mom, Mom, Mom! Could you please take a picture of this?!?" He's been working on doing this for several months. He can finally do it!

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Loved this post, Julie. What a fun time you've been having!