Monday, November 16, 2009


A week ago Saturday we all spent several hours in the yard working together on different projects. The weather was beautiful and it was nice for all of us to be outside for several hours. Cecily was more than happy to explore outside, as you saw in the video.

Then we took turns playing with her on the swing.
Sam and Will collected a large leaf pile in the backyard.
I think they enjoyed themselves in the process.

A rake face.
Millie wandered around from person to person in a bit of a circuit.
Ben cleared some thorny brush from the hillside. A great job for him.
Peter cleaned out the gutters and then scrubbed some mildew off of them.
Calvin helped me clear out the garden beds and prepare them for winter.
Feels so good to get all of that accomplished and especially for me, who doesn't get outside as much as the others, to really breathe some fresh air.

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