Sunday, January 17, 2010


Christmas Eve Feast

Christmas Eve Pajamas

First stocking opened.

Millie's stocking.

She's starting to get the idea.

Amelia's first necklace. It was a silver snowflake.

Boys' stockings.

In process. Will is excited about something.

Rubber balls for Benny.

Knight figurines for Calvin.

Harmonicas for all.

All his stocking loot.

Something new to figure out.

Dad and Cecily are enjoying watching Amelia try to play one of the harmonicas.

Cecily gets her gifts first.

We got her a "Quiet Book." A cloth book with snaps, buttons, zippers, ties, etc.

Millie is helping Cece open a gift from Grammy and Papa.

It's her first baby. :) Such a cute baby. Cecily knew just how to hug her close. She's been watching Amelia and trying to take Amelia's dolls to try to imitate her. We knew she needed her own doll.

She carried her over to lay her down and have a look at her.

Next she hauled her over to the stairs.

I couldn't choose between the baby pictures, so I posted them all. I enjoyed watching Cecily discover her new doll.

Amelia's gift: a toy kitchen.

Checking out the kitchen. Cecily tries to cook the doll first thing.

Sam with his gifts.

Will's pile to the immediate right and left.

Ben with his presents plus some shared gifts.

Calvin's packages all around.

And Amelia's too.

First to get opened is the book stack gift. We always get the kids a small stack of new books, books on tape, coloring books or other such items. Sam got a book on how to draw faces. He has been asking for some tips on drawing people.

William is our avid fiction reader. He and Sam will interchangeably use their books, but the ones they received are particularly suited to their interests.

Ben got an ABC train puzzle to help him with some phonics aptitude and some easy reader books to try out on his own.

Cal got a coloring book of the history of fire engines, a Diggers and Dumpers sticker book and one Smithsonian science story book about squirrels.

Amelia got a butterfly coloring book and two story books. The one in front is a book that I always hunted for on trips to the library when I was little. I remember loving that book, "A is for Annabelle" by Tasha Tudor.

Wow. Peter has a big stack!

Calvin and Benny both got dart guns.

Will was excited about a knight figurine that his brothers got for him.

Oooooo...a mother-in-law tie! You can really tell he likes it.
The in-laws so sweetly sent a Starbucks gift card as well. It doesn't get any better than that! :)

Next is the gifts for the kids from my parents.

Stamp and sticker fun.

Oh boy. A fun I Spy puzzle. Will loves puzzles and hidden pictures. It's really fun to find them combined.

Sam got a drawing book to learn how to draw animals.

Amelia got a beautiful and special blue dress with snowflakes. Cecily got a matching one for her birthday.

So nice.


Ben got a wonderful art set of his own. He loves it.

Art activities for Cal.

From Peter and I: Fellowship of the Ring on CD.

The whole Lord of the Rings trilogy in hardback for Sam. He's petting it, for it is treasure.

One more thing for Millie from my parents.

Play food for her new kitchen.

My mom also ordered a K'nex building set (wheels and axles) for Ben and Cal and a Fischertechnik building set (Da Vinci machines) for Sam and Will.

Peter got three great books, including this large hardback on Christian Liturgy by Frank Senn, that he wanted from my sister, Joy, who drew his name in the family drawing this year.
Back to gifts from Peter and I: Playmobile Knights and castle for Cal.

A tool set with toolbag and saw for Ben.

A "new" (used) bike for Will.

Last, but not least, Sam got his own fishing rod and tackle box. Happy days.
Being the parents and getting to pick something out for your kids that you know they'll really enjoy is such a joy. Each child is unique and that was certainly brought out as we carefully thought through what each would most appreciate getting.
We so appreciated the thoughtful gifts from the grandparents and other relatives too.


Jennie and Julie said...

Lots of great photos, and a lot of great fun too. Thanks for letting all of us share it. There were a couple of really precious photos, but I love the one of Millie holding up her new dress with a big cheesy grin for the camera. I would love to see a photo of both girls wearing their dresses, IF you ever get the time! I could copy it off the blog...thanks for posting all of these, I know it took a bit of work. Love, Mom

Laffing Dawg said...

This was such a fun post. I am almost speechless here, but all of the "firsts" were sure fun. I still have my first necklace and my first doll so I can just feel the joy of those girls as they received these great gifts. I also really love to see what is interesting to the boys now.

This post took a while to do so thank you for that gift Julie.

Thanks for the smiles Jones family, yours and mine.