Monday, January 4, 2010


Some family pictures in front of the tree.

Cecily was a lot less than cooperative. :)

A very sick little Millie. She spent a day in this position without much movement and no eating. She, however, only had a 24 hour flu of some kind and was better the next day. My first clue to her recovery was "Mommy, I very like pizza!" when the rest of us were heating up some pizza for lunch. I guess she's alright if she's wanting some pizza. :)

A sweet older brother (Benny) had compassion and made her a colorful necklace to cheer her up. She actually did brighten a little. She appreciated the gentle token of love. :)

When I got the Christmas storybooks out of the box, there was much curling up by windows to enjoy snowfall and read the comfortable tales again after a year of storage.

The little roundnesses of everything on the youngest makes her

Candycane cookies that I made for the kids. I was trying out something new and they turned out to be very difficult, therefore I won't be making them again!

A Christmas family picture at church. (Sam was NOT feeling well.)

We hosted a Christmas Feast for the fellow saints from church. Peter got a few pictures of people as they came through the door. First is engaged couple, Tim Woody and Shaela Carpenter.

These are Shaela's parents, Rick and Shirley Carpenter.

This is the John and Sarah Moss family.

I was managing all of the food and was not free to take pictures. Peter took these few. The four eldest children from the Jones and Oldland families performed the job of servers/waiters for the evening. They did a marvelous job of it.

Some of the work going on in the kitchen.

Mingling going on below stairs.

More mingling and a glimpse of the tables.

Bill and Jocelyn Oldland with 1/3 of their children (not including the one inside). They are here participating in the caroling that we did after the feast.


Laffing Dawg said...

I love this Julie. Just wanted to hug little Millie and soothe her feverish little head. And that little Cecily wow, is she going to bring life into the family - little redheads always do. My hair was that color at her age. You are raising some mighty special little men. Jones children are going to contribute so much to this world. I can just see it and as always wish I was closer to be part of your wonderful extended family.

Much love to you all.

Lora said...

Enjoyed this post, Julie. The kids sure are growing fast! I was wondering if you got the box of clothes yet. I hope it gets there okay. I sent another box out to Steve's sister the same day and haven't heard if they received theirs yet either. Hopefully, they didn't get lost in the mail!