Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We opened gifts from extended family gradually throughout the week of Christmas. We do one each evening and it serves several purposes. The main one is that the kids are able to enjoy the gifts individually and have a better grasp of who gave it to them. It gets pretty jumbled up when they're all opened on Christmas morning. The first gift was from Aunt Joy. They each got a pretty green envelope decorated with Christmas stickers and labeled with their name.

(It took us so long to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera that Cecily already had hers open.)

She got them all a gift certificate to go out to eat at McDonalds. That will be a fun treat for them. We don't do it much. THANK YOU, JOY!!!

Next was annual ornaments from Grammy and Papa. This year she found these cute boxes to store them in.

The kids really liked the boxes. :)

Millie got a pretty pink ball.

Cecily got...

...the cutest, chubby, red bird! We let her taste it before we removed it from harm and hung it on the tree.

Calvin's candy cane ball.

Benny's donut ball.

William's beaded ball.

Sam's garland ball. We love them all AND the boxes to store them in! THANK YOU GRAMMY and PAPA!

The third night we opened the gifts from my Grandma Bethel and Grandpa Larry (my dad's parents). Grandma made these adorable, decorated stockings.

This is not the greatest picture, but I included it so Grandma could see Cecily opening hers too.

Sam's stocking.!

Millie has a good idea of what money is used for.

These little homemade cards were really SO cute! Thank you for the thought and energy that went into that, Grandma. We LOVED them! The kids love to get money to save in their bank accounts. They keep a running tally of their savings and are always looking for ways to add to it. THANK YOU!!!

I just thought it was kind of funny watching Cecily climb up Peter to get onto the couch. She's not tall enough to climb directly onto it.

The fourth night, the night before Christmas Eve, we opened our gift from Aunt JoAnn. She sent us a DVD set for the whole family, the third season of the Andy Griffith Show. Cecily was especially wrestless to mess with the gifts under the tree so we decided to go ahead and open some little gifts that my mom had sent. I really like the above picture because you can see a rare expression that shows how happy she was to get her hands on that little package.

Amelia's gift was a jump rope. The boys each got a little game, TicTacToe, Solitaire, etc.

Cece's gift was a hat! She also got some really nice hair clips. That was just perfect for that evening. Thank you, GRAMMY and PAPA. And thank you AUNT JOANN for the DVD's. Lots of treats for us!


Lora said...

I enjoyed this post, Julie. Fun! And I think the way you did gifts sounds fun too! Kind of draws it out and makes them really appreciate each gift.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I love the pictures. Gosh, Millie and Cece are growing up before our eyes. What a beautiful, fun family you have.

Enjoy your day, stay warm,