Thursday, January 7, 2010


In case I didn't mention it, Peter officiated two weddings this month. The first one was the Saturday before Christmas and the second one was the Saturday after Christmas. The first wedding was to unite Miss Kellen McNutt with Mr. Evan Falkenstine. They've been coming over for dinner every Monday night before doing marriage counseling for a couple of months. It has been so fun to get to know them this way.
The wedding was very memorable in the sense that plans all adjusted due to a sudden 9 inch snowfall the morning of the wedding. The wedding started late and I think about 1/2 of the expected guests actually came. But weddings really must go on and the pastor really must find a way to get there! There were guests visiting from all over the United States and there was certainly no postponing things. I, myself, finally scurried in with all of the kiddos... ...just in time to hear Peter pronounce them man and wife and watch them walk down the aisle together. So I missed pretty much all of the wedding ceremony! I had considered not going as I watched the snow accumulate throughout the morning. I resolved not to attempt it when Peter said, "But you're such a support to me." Alright. Come what may, I'd get there. :) And I did. But VERY late indeed!
The pastor is glad and happy to have married our friends, Evan and Kellen. And happy to see that his own family made it there safely.

Amelia with her friend, Kellen. She really, really likes Kellen.

The boys with Evan.

My family at the reception, minus one.

There she is. You didn't think she'd be sitting down, did you?

Making herself at home and getting to know people.

Asking for food.

Collecting some good things from these lovely trays.

My picture doesn't do them justice, but these tables were very pretty.
They strung white lights under the tablecloths and it was a very nice effect.

Amelia and friend, Katrina.

Calvin has wheedled Kent into bouncing him on his knee. Millie is trying to join in as well.

Kent looks at Peter and asks: "What do you do once you have more kids than knees?"

Calvin with dad's boutonniere.

Waiting for dad to bring the car around to pick us up. It's striking how very white everything was with so much snow.

A cheesy grin.
We took the slow journey home and dropped off our car that doesn't have 4-wheel drive, then headed back to the church (in the one that does) for a traditional Austrian dinner of Schnitzel (sp?) that the bride and groom had fixed. They have both been exchange students to Austria.

And then, of course, we danced. (John and Sarah Moss at the front and Tim and Shaela are the second couple).

Dip and dive. Joyous event. Celebrated wholeheartedly in spite of the snow!


Laffing Dawg said...

What a blessed event and what wonderful role models Jones Family. If Evan and Kellen have a family modeled on yours, oh how much more joyful the world will be.

Love and hugs all around,

Luma said...

Hi Julie,

It's nice to see some of the folks from church. Can't wait to see some pictures of Tim and Shaela's wedding. The girls sure are growing up.

It was absolutely stunning to me see WV all lit up in snow like that. I mean I know it's really there because I can see it in the picture but it's still so weird because I have no such experience at all.