Sunday, February 21, 2010


Throughout the process of diagnosing and treating Katrina's cancer, we have had two of her brothers join our family for several days. They are about the same age as Benjamin and Calvin and all my boys are thrilled when they come over.Here they are doing some painting and stamping.

Their pictures.

On this particular day, the boys' parents called to say they were picking them up sooner than expected. All of the boys were disappointed. The Oldland boys really wanted to wrestle on the mattress before they left. So, we dropped what we were doing and pulled out the mattress for some rowdy time before their parents arrived.

My goodness, they had a fun time! Six boys and a mattress.

They made up several different games.

Calvin resting.

Samuel Oldland.

These two wreestled with each other a bunch.

The bigger boys gently wrestled with the younger ones...

...and then got a little more serious when wrestling with someone nearer their size.

No one got hurt. Just a whole lot of rowdy, boy fun. :)

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Rayia said...

How delightful! I'm stoping by fromthe Femina party, to say hello and nice to meet you! And what a jolly family you have!