Thursday, February 4, 2010


After Christmas we went over to the Oldlands' to celebrate Christmas together and do some sledding. The girls are nearly ready to go out into the cold.

Cecily seemed about as wide as she is high.

Katrina and Millie are ready for a ride.

Sarah Grace is very good about helping the little ones.

William is about to take a ride on the snowboard.

Here comes Calvin up the hill.

Some walk up. Some run up.

William Oldland on his way down.

Sam on the snowboard.

Yeah Calvin!

After a while, the kids decided to go to another spot where the hill is shorter and steeper.

To my left, Samuel Oldland is preparing to go down a smaller hill that suits him better.

There he goes. The sun is getting low.

This new hill has a bump in it that gives the sled a bit of air on the way down.

I moved in closer to try to get their faces when they hit the bump. Above is Megan.

William Oldland.



And last...William Oldland is entirely upside-down before his sled righted itself and he continued down the hill.

While watching some sledders, Megan noticed a little mouse peeping out of the snow. Pretty soon there was a squealing, scurrying mass of children trying to catch the mouse.

If you look close, you can see the little black mouse's back and tail as he stays just out of their grasp.

Finally, William caught him. He's up on Will's shoulder in this picture.

Sun's almost gone and the moon is out.

It's about time for me to head into the house.

Sam thinks he can definitely stay out a while longer.

Eventually, everyone was warming up and waiting on dinner. Playing some Dutch Blitz and watching an interesting screen saver on the computer.

Some are getting snacks.

The men volunteered to test the potatoes for doneness. Somebody had to do it!
Another great time with friends. The snow sure was fun!

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Laffing Dawg said...

I had fun too. Thanks.