Monday, February 8, 2010


Random pictures between Christmas and New Year'sFeeding Cecily some of her Peppermint Torte. I love how she instinctively put her hand under the fork to catch anything that dropped. (or maybe she's imitating me)
Putting her kitchen to use. She swiped a construction work apron from one of the boys.

Thanks for the red skillet, Grammy.

Benjamin and Calvin's first Mosaic picture from their new set.

Sam really wanted me to take a picture of him because he was excited about being given the turkey drumstick.

On New Year's Eve we fixed up some cheese fondue in the crock pot. It was a first try for us. We dipped bread cubes and shrimp. It was good but perhaps not a total success. The cheese didn't melt entirely and it wasn't very smooth. The flavor was good though.

Fondue is so fun. We had done chocolate fondue the year before on New Years and thought we might make that a tradition.

Amelia is trying out some shrimp. She's not too sure, she's avoiding it touching her lips or tongue. :)

We made some hot wassail too...

...and toasted in the new year!


Laffing Dawg said...

Very nice. Made me hungry for fondue. Haven't done that in many a year.

Do any of your boys like vintage airplanes? I have been thinking of sending them one of my pathtags done in memory of my dad - a P38 flying above 3 snow capped peaks toward the Lockheed Martin logo star. I will send them each one at a time when they might be interested. Could send some history along with it.

Just a thought. Let me know.

Jennie and Julie said...

Loves: Amelia's borrowed apron (I will have to fix that), Will's red sweater and Sam's giant turkey leg!

Peter Jones said...

Laffing Dawg :),
They are interested in vintage planes. Samuel is the most interested in them. Some history along with it would be great. That is very thoughtful of you to think of it!
Maybe you could leave me a quick note here if you see this message, so I'll know you got it.

Laffing Dawg said...

Thank you Julie for the information. I will try to get some things together for the Jones boys. Pathtag design is kind of addicting to me. Yikes. I have one in production now for Jim Witty - will have to get that one to your mom- and one for the celebration of my friend Chris participating in his last Olympics. Too much fun.