Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sometimes it's fun to see what kids come up with to use for play.
One afternoon, when I asked Benjamin to play with Cecily, he had the idea to give her a ride in the mop bucket.

She seemed to really like the idea and she fits inside so nicely.

Here they come into the dining room where the big brothers are doing their schoolwork.

"Do you think we can fit through here? Let's give it a try..."

"Nope. We'll go around the other side of the table instead."

"Hi Mom!"

Next, Benjamin wheeled her down to her room to get some toys to pile in too.

Posing for me. :)

Last, Ben wheeled her into the play area next to the kitchen to listen to a CD and enjoy the toys they picked out. Cecily was near her naptime and was feeling pretty mellow, I think. She just sat there and did what Ben told her to.

Wow, he did a really good job looking at her books with her and keeping her so content. Sometimes it works out that way and sometimes not. :)

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