Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bayfront Park, Jackson's Oak and at home with the Joneses

Here is a proper picture of Peter's brother and family, the Mitchell Jones Family.
 After a morning of touring the USS Alabama and then a midday rest and lunch at home, our hosts/family took us to the lovely Bayfront Park.  We walked a trail leading to a beach area on the bay between the city that they live in, Daphne, and Mobile.
 There were many novelties (for northerners) to enjoy, including spanish moss hanging from the trees...
 ...alligator warnings...
 ...and palmettos!
 The baby cousins.
 Taking off our shoes and playing in the sand (in January) was pretty novel to us northerners also.
 Peter and Mitchell.
 Bridge across the bay and some of the high rises of Mobile.
 It was warm, but not that warm.  We tried to keep them from getting too wet.

 Elijah was delighted with the sand.  His smile here has partly to do with the fact that he has found a golf ball and "hidden" it with sand.
 Somebody else was less excited about the feel of the sand on her feet.
 All of the girls.
 Peter took this nice picture of the water/trees/sky with the setting sun's light on them and the moon hanging there.
 He also got this picture of the giant live oak tree that we saw before we left.  It is a good picture considering the lighting was so bad because the sun had set.  However, it doesn't begin to do justice to this amazing tree, named Jackson's Oak.  My sister-in-law told me that it has been there since the 1700's.  It is one of several that escaped the burning of much of the south in the Civil War.
 Back at the Jones house, the girls disappeared and never came back!  They were having so much fun in the bedroom dressing up and playing with cousin Emma's toys!
 My organized sister-in-law, Tessa, had everything so well planned.  They set up three tables in their dining room to fit everyone for meals.  At bed time, we removed two of the tables and laid out bedding on the floor for all of the boys. Tessa cooked for this group of 16 people as if she does it all of the time and her meals were amazing!  She even made us a traditional southern breakfast of Baked Cheese Grits and Conecuh Sausage.  We were so grateful.
 Saying good-by, Elijah and little Ryan gave some hugs.
 And we got a group picture before we departed.
And a picture of the girls to remember what a sweet time they had together.
God bless the Mitchell Jones family for their hospitality!

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Kathy Poncy said...

A wonderful post to go to bed on. My how Ms Bronwyn has grown. I love the area that they live in. The sunset Bayou picture is incredible and wow, that old live oak, such an amazing tree. Mitchell still has that beautiful smile that I remember and his wife does too. What a fun time the kids must have had. I still have memories of getting together with my cousins at those ages and it was special. I think you have a budding geocacher in Elijah. I wonder who will next find the golf ball. I think that is my favorite shot.

Good Night All, Stay warm and safe,