Monday, March 23, 2009


I guess everyone is about the same way. Most regions have probably had a burst of warm weather and are starting to see their first flowers appear. Millie is happy to pose with our pretty first flowers.
Alright, I couldn't help but post two. They both had such nice smiles.
The little ones and I went and tried out that swingset that's been neglected in the cold months!
Those knees are so knobby I can't help but comment...
Ben has finally learned to pump his legs to get himself going on the swing. He was feeling pretty proud of himself.

The first warm day is always the most enjoyed!!!

Welcome Spring!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Millie you pretty flower. Your dress matches exactly. Aren't crocus' just the epitome of Hope. I can only say - "Oh, What A Creator!"

You have brought a big smile to my day.