Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was sad to hear about some disappointment over my slow posting! I really must keep Grammy content with grandchildren pictures! :-) I hope that my mom will not mind me mentioning that she has been off of her feet recovering from surgery for several weeks. She has had some blood clotting problems that have been a real setback to her recovery. If you would pray for her improvement and mental encouragement, I would greatly appreciate it. It's hard that I can't be with her right now. In lieu of bringing some kids to see you and getting to take care of you myself, I'll have to do the best I can with posting new pictures for you each day, Mom.
I pulled out a bunch of individual shots of the kids today. After I was done posting them, I realized there wasn't one of Benny. So, this one below is a sneak preview of our ice skating trip we took yesterday, so I could include him too. Magnetism is awe-inspiring.
Scrambled eggs.
My sweetest 9 year old. :-)
Classifying sentences, labeling parts of speech.
Just waking up from a nap. That's the smile that greets me. :-) :-)
We need a longer couch perhaps. Storytime is pretty crowded.
I just enjoyed how Millie's feet were crossed.
I think this look on her face is pretty funny.
Oh! Cal snuck in!
The kids have been asking me a lot lately to take pictures themselves. Ben took this one of Calvin with his knights. Not bad. (By the way, that's his new dresser).
Have a great day, Mom and all!

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Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks Julie : ) It really brightened up my day to see all these beaming children smiling back at me from the computer screen. Cal's dresser is wonderful! FAR nicer than I pictured from your verbal description. You know what they say, 1 picture is worth a thousand words! I guess I hadn't pictured it tall but short and squatty for some reason. Love those stripped tights and denim jumper....and Cecily's smile is so sweet. It's almost as good as being there with you all. Thanks again! Mom