Sunday, March 15, 2009


In the process of getting stored clothes out of boxes, I came up with some new pajamas for Ben and Cal to wear. They put them on and we realized they were both space pajamas. They were so thrilled. I took a really great picture of them in the kitchen and then accidently deleted it. Argh!! I'll still post these other ones I took. We went in their room and shut off the lights, because I told them I thought their pajamas might have some parts that glow in the dark. Sure enough, both pairs had some glowing parts. Oh my. Such excitement. I took the below picture in the dark in their room. I couldn't actually see them, I just aimed the camera in their direction and then the flash went off, lighting them up and we could view them on the digital camera. That gave us an idea for a game. Ben would make a face and I would aim the camera in his direction, unable to actually see him and snap a picture. Then we'd view it and be surprised to see whatever face he was making.
Cal joined the fun.

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