Saturday, March 14, 2009


This week was the big sorting, trying on and purchasing of clothing for the season week. In recent years, I have come to devote a week to this big task, once in the spring and once in the fall. A couple of my friends run a consignment sale for children's clothing that comes once at spring and once at fall. I take the opportunity to pull all of my clothing storage boxes out of the attic and begin the sorting. I find all of the clothes and shoes that seem like they will be suitable for each child for the season ahead. Next, I try them all on to decide on the ones that will definitely work. Then, I write a list of all the things that each child will need in light of what I discovered from the previous process. I shopped at the sale on Thursday, trying to get much of the things on the list. Friday, I tried on the new items, assessed how they suited and worked through putting them all away. Today, Saturday, I went back to the sale for 1/2 price day and got several items more to complete the process. All done! A huge project!
The attic boxes
Stacks of new clothes, ready to be put away.
I had a lot of fun picking out all of Millie's little "frocks" for the summer. She's the first one to enjoy trying them all on, too! :-)

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