Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We have a dry erase board on which we write all our events and things to do. Well, visiting a tank monument for the 11th Armoured Infantry Division had been on it for months! So dad finally decided to get it out of the way. And here are a couple of snapshots we took.First dad took one of all of us. It was pretty cold, and the tank dwarfed our green Suburban!

The tank was so big we all could sit under it. That ol' tank had a gun as long as a sailing yacht's mast.
Ben and Calvin! Not a bad pose.
Will and I lay on the steel hulk's wheels and smiled. How dad took such a great picture I do not know.

Here we are saluting the 11th armoured infantry division. It's a relief to have it off our board!


Jaime Miller said...

These photos were fun to look at.. All boys, for sure! I like the ones of them squeezed between, and on top, of the tires!

Jennie and Julie said...

Samuel-I really liked your blog post...you did a great job. I especially liked the sentence that said the tank's barrel was as long as a sailing yacht's mast. I thought your descriptions were great, and added a lot to the photos. Yes, your Dad did get some good pics of all of you, and it's amazing how big that tank is. Do you know the type of tank it is? How many men did it hold? Could you go inside it? I have been reading a book called the 'Battle of Britain' and it's describing some of the tanks they were using to fight in France. I'm glad you got to do something fun and interesting with Dad! Grammy

Peter Jones said...

Grammy- It's most likely that it's a super Sherman. Also, it probably held 3-5 men. I know it may take all the fun out of it, but we did not get to go inside the tank. Thanks for the questions, Grammy.
Love, Sam