Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Week

Well, last week got really busy and we didn't exactly do any outings. We did go shopping near Pittsburgh with Peter Monday morning. We picked up a few more books for summer reading at Half Price Books for the kids that we didn't find at the library and did a few other errands. Peter spent the rest of that day and all of the next dismantling the deck with the older boys. They got it done. (We were removing just the part that went around the pool that we took out). I think there were 22 posts that they took out that were cemented into the ground. It took a little time and effort. Some time went into getting cards made and packages ready for the grandpas for Father's day. The boys and I also took a shopping trip to get Peter a gift and some steak to grill for his Father's day. Friday, my friend, Marlene Moss came over and helped me paint, from start to finish, the girls' bedroom. We painted it solid yellow. It looks so nice and it's great to have that done. The kids and I had deep cleaned the girls' room already. Now that it's painted it's nearly completely done and ready for me to move on to the next room.

That nearly finishes off the activity of the week. Throughout the week most of us had varying symptoms of a cold. It wasn't too severe, but a little inconvenient. Peter is the only one that got it pretty bad. It really made it hard for him to study at the end of the week, when he really needed to. By Saturday he and I were both feeling fairly lousy and just wanting to sleep all day, but we were hosting a Games and Fellowship time at our house for the church family after church the next day. We pushed through and got things ready. Somehow we (kind of) celebrated Father's Day for Peter and had the Games and Fellowship time and went to bed exhaustified on Sunday night. :) A good long night's rest and we were doing well again on Monday morning.

The last bit of activity is that Amelia knocked out her top left front tooth. She leaned from my bed over to the window to look out and slipped and hit her tooth on the window sill. Yikes. We saw the dentist and there's nothing that they do for baby teeth. She'll just be waiting until her adult tooth comes through in a couple of years. I'll post pictures. So that was vacation week #2. This week is already shaping up to be a little more fun. I'll keep you posted.


Jennie and Julie said...

I caught up on the blog this morning (Tues)and enjoyed seeing all the photos. I will let you know which ones to email me. I'm still sorting through all the photos from different sources. I'll email you the best group ones. Please post a photo of the girls room, freshly painted and cleaned, as I would love to see it. Have a fun week. Love, Mom

Lora said...

Julie~ Jorie was about the same age as Amelia when she lost her first tooth. And the dentist actually ended up pulling the remaining front tooth next to it as it too was loose. Of course, this was before we knew about Jorie's early root resorption! Have enjoyed all your photos of the reunion. I didn't take very many and the ones I did take didn't turn out very well. They were either blury or sort of "dark".