Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Intresting animals ( A post by Samuel )

I have been waiting to write this post for quite a while and have finally gotten around to it. This post is about some of the animals that I have caught. Here is a fine, feathered friend that I snagged from the field.
Well he was pretty darn cute, and so out came the camera.

I think that he was a young Catbird. We let him go and he flew away.
Here I am with the biggest fish I've caught yet. It's a Large mouth Bass , and he was at least 2 or 3 pounds if not larger.
Will really wanted Dad to take a picture of him with the fish. The fish could have swallowed Calvin's hand whole.

A Bluegill that Will caught.

At the same lake where I caught the Bass we also caught a frog[Shocking isn't it?!] and took him home.

He's about 5" long and. . .

. . .his name is Chief.

He's a good poser.

Here is Chief and a Fowler's Toad that we named Doogle.:- )
This was a good one even though my finger is in the way.

I had to open the lid to their tank , so at the end Doogle jumped up onto the electrical outlet. I didn't take him down immediately and so I took a picture. I just love catching and watching God's creations.


Luma said...

Oh boy, is this what I have to look forward to with my little boy!? :-) Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Samuel. I love Chief and Doogle. They are beautiful. You are so right, God's creations are amazing. Don't you just love all of the intricate markings on the birds, the fish and the frogs - and many others. I really enjoyed your post and hope to see more during your summer break.

It was so nice to meet you this year.

In this post, I also loved seeing all of those beautiful bicycles. Another of God's wonderful creations :)

Love to you and a happy birthday to your dad. In the next few days both of us will be another year older - oh my, Kathy

Jennie and Julie said...

Samuel, your Mom was right, and I haven't been on the computer this week. But now, I really enjoyed your post! Very nice job with photos and script. I was wondering about that wonderful 'disc' shape marking on Chief. It looks like a roman shield or something. What kind of frog is he? We don't have anything like him out here. Thanks for keeping us updated on your animal catches. Love, Grammy

Peter Jones said...

Dear Grammy, Those round markings are actually Chief's ears. They are normally located behind the eyes.