Monday, June 7, 2010


The first day was technically a travel day and there wasn't much photographing needed.We found a play area at the Pittsburgh Airport while were waiting for our plane to board.
Testing out the flying experience.

Tired, restless, but THRILLED to see Grammy and Papa. Unfortunately this picture came out fuzzy, but I think it's the only one I got of mom and dad with all of the kids. This is at a restaurant that we ate at before heading over the mountains from Portland to Bend.

Now, the first real day begins. We relaxed and explored Grammy and Papa's house all day. Here is Cecily in the backyard playing with some of the landscaping rocks.

The boys are stretching their legs and trying out some of the yard games they found in the shed.

My mom has the greatest little play closet upstairs in her house. Amelia spent the whole first morning up there. She carried this toy out of there to do on this little table.

Grammy helped her string on some sewing shapes.

In the evening, we roasted hot dogs for supper, then came back outside to make s'mores afterwards.


Fellowship around the fire. :)

I liked this picture of Amelia playing with Papa.

Calvin, by Grammy's beautiful blooming trees.

S'mores face. :)

Trying out the winding staircase.

At the top.

My parents turned on their fountain for the girls.

Then they had a great time playing in the water.

I'm not sure what Cecily is doing, but Amelia is pretending to be fishing with that string that she found.


Peter and the boys were playing in the yard. Here is Peter, hiding with a plastic bat he is using like a gun.

Dad enjoys the fire. He was inaugurating his new firepit.

After all the stickiness and wetness, the girls definitely needed a bath. They got to try out Grammy's extra-fun bathtub.

Much cleaner!

What a great day. What a thrill for everyone to be at their house!


Anonymous said...

And such a blessing to have you here. Loved every minute of the potluck and nice visit.


Luma said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to spend time with your parents. Everyone looks so happy and grown. :-)