Monday, June 14, 2010

Oregon, day 2 and 3

The second day with mom and dad we took a tour through a home that used to be on a ranch in the 40's and is now made into a museum.

A lady that our family has known from church for years used to live in the house when she was a little girl. She was actually born in the house. It was she who fixed it up again in honor of her mother's 80th birthday and turned it into a museum that she gives tours of.
Our tour guide, Sharon Rosengarth.

Sam found a surprise when he looked in the outhouse behind the ranch house.

The surrounding property is amazing too, with these giant pines around the house.

After visiting the museum, we went out to meet Dad and Mom's friend, Doris. She lives on 7 acres and took us around to see some of the land. The boys were delighted with seeing a mother Killdeer and several babies skittering along behind her. One of the babies got separated from the rest and Samuel was able to take a picture of it, with his hand included to show size comparison.

When we got home, the kids all played out in the yard until a crazy hailstorm interrupted! The ground was completely white with the hail.

Bright and early on day 3. She's ready for another outing.


We drove out to the head of the Metolius River. You wouldn't know it unless I told you, but near the top of the picture is actually a spring where the water comes out and the Metolius begins.

Looking at the spring and the river.

Isn't the river lovely?

A chipmunk we saw along the trail.

Somebody found a nice way to travel.

Next, we went a little further up-river to the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery.


We purchased a little food to feed the fish in a lake that was there. You can see them swarming in the water after the food.

Large trout and other fish.

The boys especially like this picture of the fish with his mouth at the surface.

Near the hatchery is a bridge crossing the Metolius.

Very rapidly moving water and very deep we are told.

Boys with Doris.

This is a dirt pile that was in Mom and Dad's yard. Mom wanted me to take a picture of all of the toys in it. I think she liked seeing signs of children at her house.

Several days later, the dirt pile was whipped into shape by Sam and Will.

They made a barricade with an opening for a rifle.
This concludes my pictures of the kids at Grammy and Papa's house. Boy, it was great to be there.

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Laffing Dawg said...

Great photos, Julie. I am so glad you came. Such a treat.