Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Reunion

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Burns, OR for a family reunion of my dad's family, his mother's side, which is the Browns. Macy, my sister Joy's youngest daughter, and Amelia are waiting for lunch to begin at the reunion. They had dresses that almost matched. They so enjoyed meeting each other and discovering a new playmate.
All of the Joneses partaking of reunion cake.

The John Asmussen family picture.
Grandpa and Grandma with all of their great-grandkids.

From the left: My sister Joy's middle daughter, Kendall, my sister JoAnn and my cousin, Luke.

Cousins. We haven't been together since we were very small.
Top row from left: Joy (older sister), Luke (dad's sister's son), Ivan (dad's sister's son), Kelly (dad's brother's daughter)
Bottom row from left: Deana (dad's brother's daughter), Heidi (dad's cousin's daughter), me, Lora (dad's cousin's daughter), JoAnn (younger sister)
At this point, my camera battery died and I had left my recharger in Bend. We spent the next couple of days riding ATV's in the desert and just generally enjoying ourselves and being with much extended family. Others took pictures, so I may have some to share eventually. But, that's all for now!

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Tricia Regar said...

On that "John Asmussen family picture," I was thinking how many kids there were in the photo...and then I realized that most of them were yours! :D