Thursday, August 22, 2013

4th of July

 The plan was to spend the 4th of July with friends, but sickness prevented it.  Right about this time our family picked up a stomach bug and and the first kids were starting to drop like flies on this day.  We still managed to salvage our day and have a bit of a celebration.  We popped popcorn and put it in paper bags for the kids to enjoy (the ones that could eat it) while Peter set off fireworks for them to see.

 Elijah got to do his first sparklers.

 He kept trying to blow it out.
 Peter had this idea of lighting a tealight candle for the kids to light their own sparklers with.  It worked great.

We didn't see any city fireworks.  This is the best we got this year.  But we were grateful to pull together a little celebration for the kids, especially the ones who weren't yet sick and were disappointed in our change of plans.  God provides.

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