Monday, August 12, 2013

An Evening Walk at Friendship Hill

Just 15 minutes drive from our house is the historic home of Albert Gallatin and the surrounding acreage which is called Friendship Hill National Historic Site.  There are many public trails there and we visited and tried a new one in June.  The grounds are beautiful.  The trail we took was essentially a mowed out trail around a large meadow, near the tree line.

 We had some miscommunication and ended up not having anything to carry the baby in.  I did have a receiving blanket, so I turned it into a make-shift sling.
 About half way around we found a creek a little ways into the wood.  We explored it for a few minutes.  I thought it would be nice to have a picture of all the kids on a log over the creek.
 Back on the trail again...
 Peter took a turn holding baby.
 Isn't the late-day sun magical?

 Some hikers are starting to get tired.

 She's proud of herself because she found something that her brothers usually find and think is neat.
 Elijah got attached to a leaf.

Ah.  The time outdoors is so refreshing.  


Jennie and Julie said...

I just love that name...Friendship Hill. I also love the fact that we've been there so I can really relate to the pics.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures you take Julie! And what wonderful adventures you have with your children!
~Shannon Messenger