Monday, August 19, 2013

Peter's Birthday

 The pictures I took of Peter's birthday were pretty much terrible this year.  I uploaded some of the better ones so we could at least commemorate it here on the blog.  We did his annual gift hunt, with clues composed and written out by William.
 William's clues are always elaborate and well-thought out.
 Finding a gift.
 A gift and another clue in the boys' room.
 After he collected them all we returned to the table to do the opening.
 Elijah was, and always is, very interested in the gifts people get.
 Sam got Peter a very nice new reel for his birthday.
 Amelia explains her drawing on her card.
 Books from my mom and dad!  Always his favorite gift.
 He got several nice cards and several little gifts from the children too, of course.
 Looks like Elijah is helping himself to one of the gifts.
We had apple dumplings with ice cream for dessert.  It was very casual, but it was a very nice evening.  And thus marks the passing of Peter's 36th birthday!

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