Monday, August 19, 2013

A Whole Lot of Details

 I have a random assortment of various activities and goings-on that all took place in July represented in the following pictures.  Above: popsicles and water guns.
 Reading jokes from the popsicle stick.
 A few pictures from a visit to Point Marian Park.

 Playing Dominion.
 We got us a new-to-us van.  Fifteen seats!

 One nap of many.  :)
 Dressed up by the big sisters.
 And propped up in a little rocking chair.
 One of the brothers made him a raisin face on his bread with peanut butter.
 A small-mouth bass that Sam was pretty happy about.
 She's playing "cars" with Eli.  Actually she's practicing her planks, since she can't quite crawl yet.

 Funny face.  I had fun getting down on the floor and taking these.

 Sun rays in smoke.
 Little man after his bath.
 He cracks me up.
 Those eyes.
 And another bass.
 He had to use pliers to get the hook out of its mouth.
 I think this is another small-mouth.  He's been fortunate to reel in a few of these this year.
The fishing season is winding down, but it's been a very good one for Sam.  He's getting better and better.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Boy have you been working hard to catch up on photos. I'm loving it! My fav is Bronnie sticking her tongue out...what a cute face. I can't wait to see it again. I also love Sam giving her a kiss, it reminds me of the photo of my Mom's oldest brother holding her when she was a child. Something about oldest brothers and baby sisters.