Saturday, August 3, 2013

Early June- Landscaping and Gardening

A couple at church lent us their pick-up this year to get a load of mulch.  Here are Ben and Cal shoveling and wheeling it over to the yard.
And here they are laying it in place.
Once the mulch was shoveled into the side yard and waiting for some direction from Dad, they spent a few minutes making mulch volcanoes.
And mulch tunnels.
Mulching is almost done.
Sam is helping to put a support beneath the air conditioner.
All done!  Ready to take the truck back to Evan and Kellen, with thanks.
Pick-ups make a great place to take group photos.
 Two Littles in their PJ's on the deck one morning.
 Smelling the petunias.
 Kids are so ready to go in the morning.  Well, especially toddlers.  :)
 I love that smile. 
 All my big boys!!
 Best buddies.
 Here is Millie behind the fence that Sam is building around the garden. 
 Peter took the rest of the kids to the park.  Millie and I spent a couple of hours with just the two of us!  All on her own she suggests we have some tea and then she suggests we pick lettuces in a basket.  Lovely ideas.  We had a lovely time.  It's great when they get big enough that I don't always have to come up with the ideas of things to do.  What a special treat was this time with just her.
 Aren't the lettuces lovely?  This was the first time we'd planted some and they did very well.  Calvin and Cecily planted the seeds.
 I love her, muddy feet and all.
June was a beautifully cool month this year.  These pictures capture for me what a wonderful time of year it was.

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Kathy Poncy said...

Precious, every one and every project.
Looks like it is a good summer for you, and a fun one too. Those little smiles just made my day.

Love you all,