Monday, August 19, 2013

Swimming and Cookout at Chestnut Ridge Park

We gathered us all up one day and finally headed out to Chestnut Ridge Park where we could swim in the lake.  The first swimming of the season.  Here are some pictures that Peter took while we were there.
Eli is playing with a horse in the water.

 Elijah was quite excited as this was his first time to do this that he remembers.  He watched his brothers and sisters and then experimented with what he could do in the water.
 The bathing beauty.
 Then I took a few pictures of Bron with Dad.

 Next we moved to a picnic site that was at the other lake (fishing, no swimming).  Peter is getting the grill started.
 The kids are fishing and looking for critters along the bank.

  The girls had a good time together and came back a little dirty and with an animal find.
A salamander.
 She's not in least put off by holding them. 
 Or Cecily.  I guess they have 5 brothers!
 We brought some Walleye fillets from a fish that Sam had caught previously with us to grill.  He was very excited to try his first taste of Walleye.
 Good looking fillets.  And not bad tasting either.
 Hot dogs for everyone else.
Food always tastes better outdoors.  Yum!

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