Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New 13 Year Old In The House

 He's pretty excited to be a teenager.
 He got two new books in the series that he's reading (Wormling Series) from my parents.
He loved the card from Grandma Bethel (they are loving the polar bears!).
 He wanted everyone to see the funny polar bear on it.
 Sam got him some hooks.  You can never prepare for the fishing season too early, if you're Sam.
 The other kids got him some Nerf bullets for his Nerf gun.  He thought the "zombie green" color was interesting.
 They also got him some jolly ranchers.
 His gift from us was an airsoft gun.
 We took the summer berries that the boys (especially Will) had picked, out of the freezer and I made this deep-dish pie for his birthday dessert.
Pretty good for February.  I liked his choice.  :)
I can't believe he's this big!  

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