Thursday, February 13, 2014

Anna and Leslie

I wanted to post a few photos of the time we got to spend with Peter's sisters. Following are some pictures of our visit to see Peter's youngest sibling, Anna, husband Walt and four children.
The boys played a little football in their front yard.
We enjoyed a pizza lunch with them.

Near the end of our trip we got to attend church with Peter's other sister, Leslie.  Her husband, John, plays the organ for the worship service and it was wonderful to get to hear him and see what their church was like.  Afterwards, we followed them home to see their new house, eat lunch and spend the afternoon with them.

John especially loves to cook.  He is a very good cook.  We always get a good meal when we're there.  This time he made a mediterranean Moussaka that was fabulous.  It might be the first time I've had cooked eggplant and genuinely loved it.  He gave me the recipe so I can try it too.
Their new place is on four acres... 
...which I think their dogs love.
We're so thankful for the chance to fellowship with these dear family members, be it ever so brief.
Before we left, Leslie wanted Elijah to open his birthday present that she'd got for him.
I think John had given her the idea that Star Wars was a good idea.  He was certainly correct. 


Kathy Poncy said...

Looks like a wonderful, meaningful visit. Lots of family resemblance in the cousins' faces. Again I will say that the times spent with my cousins near and far during my growing up was just so important and our relationships continue to this day. As we get older and our parents are almost all moved to their heavenly home, we cousins are devoted to helping each other as we get older. What a wonderful home they have. You all have nice acreage for your children to explore and play. Gosh, how nice.

God Bless each of you.

Jennie and Julie said...

It was interesting for me to see Anna and Leslie and where they live. Thanks for sharing these photos.