Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wall Doxey, By The Way

 Just in case you're curious, we stayed at Wall Doxey State Park in Mississippi while visiting Peter's parents.  It gave us a place to stay that was cheaper and better than a hotel and was even closer to their house than the nearest hotel.  One of the mornings, when we had a little bit of extra time before we needed to leave for the day, Peter told me to go for a walk by the lake while he and the kids packed the van.  We hadn't seen the lake, and it was so beautiful that I had to run back and get my camera. 
To the left of the dock, the water was full of trees.   I think they call it a Cypress Slough.
The open lake was to the right.  Now, for a northerner, this is a downright amazing enjoyment for a January morning.  I did not take it for granted.  It was not just beautiful, it was serene.  There was not a sound to be heard or a person to be seen. 
I used my zoom on two of the trees in the above picture.  There's a black speck between these two trees that you can see below what it is.

The boys told me that this bird I saw is called a Muscovy Duck.
And here's a picture of the cabin.
The kids got some practice cleaning it out and loading the van by themselves.  Sam decided how to arrange things in the van and Peter said he did a good job and gave him a few pointers for next time.
Cecily found a tiny nest on the ground, which was her very own delight.


Jennie and Julie said...

I am still not sure what "Wall Doxey" is?? Is it the name of the park? It made for an interesting Post title! It is truly beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the park and the cabin. What a pleasure.

Brenda Bolyard said...

What adventures you all had! I really enjoyed your photographs as I know absolutely nothing of that part of the country. So different from here.