Friday, February 21, 2014

Elijah's 3rd Birthday

My little man.
I bought a package of small play doh containers, and gave one to each of the children to create something for a fun birthday activity.  Elijah played with his and enjoyed it.  Below is a face that Sam (age 14) made.  His inspiration came from a picture that I showed him of a self-portrait made of play doh that someone had posted on facebook recently.
Cecily (age 5) started to make her name and ran out of play doh.
Millie (age 6) made a funny face.
Calvin (age 8) made a tower with battlements and a flag on top.
Ben (age 10) made a bird and a sun. 
Dad made a very smiley cat.  :)
Will (age 13) made a school bus.
We decided to go ahead and celebrate Elijah's birthday at the last minute.  He had been sick and his gift hadn't come in the mail due to the inclement weather conditions.  It looked like we were going to have to postpone.  When his gift came and he seemed to be feeling fine, we decided to make some frosted banana bars and go ahead with the celebration.  We had ordered him some new playmobil figurines, so we put those on the bars and put some candles in and he didn't know that it wasn't exactly a birthday cake.
He is opening a gift from Papa and Grammy.
A set of playmobil pirates!  He plays with these EVERY day. 
And "Gamma Befel's card" is a very treasured picture of a polar bear.  He has been guarding it and carrying it around every since he got it.
And his gift was this scooter, though it won't be used much until Spring.  :)

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Jennie and Julie said...

What a great idea to show us what each child made with play doh, and what a fun idea to begin with! It looked like a great family thing to do together, regardless of the birthday, which made it even better. Way to go, Mom.