Monday, May 18, 2009


Just what you always wanted to see: Calvin and Millie brushing their teeth!!I think one day I'll look back and appreciate seeing little Amelia kneeling on the counter to reach the sink.
Do you think she likes to brush her teeth? You're right. She loves it. She's always wanting her toothbrush and help from someone to give her some toothpaste.
What a helpful brother.
Showing me her pigtails.
And since it's so convenient, she might as well play with the mirror for a minute...
:-) Look at those clean teeth!!

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Jennie and Julie said...

I just love that last photo of Millie laughing into the mirror...what a great one! Very precious. Thanks for these. I do think you will look back one day and be glad you took pictures of them together doing a very simple thing, but enjoying it together. It's the kind of thing our memory doesn't keep...until reminded of it by the pictures. Love, Mom