Saturday, May 16, 2009


Recently, we enjoyed a visit from Peter's brother and his family. It was great fun to have our kids together and spend some time in the same place for once!
Here are all the cousins together at the park. Mitchell and Tessa's kids are Emma and Ethan in the middle. Tessa is pregnant with their third child.
We squeezed this little excursion to the park in between rain showers.
Ethan is 3, nearly 4 and was such a fun playmate for Ben and Cal.

You can tell how much fun they had together.
All of these pictures at the park were taken by my sister-in-law, Tessa.
Looking at the Monongahela River outside the park.
It was just wonderful to get to watch Emma and enjoy the age she's at and get to know her.
Tessa with Emma. :-) Such a nice picture!
Peter's brother, Mitchell, with Ethan.
Back at home, rootbeer floats.
Not much more to say about that. Yum!
Floats all around.
Ethan too.
When my boys saw this picture, they literally said in unison, "Awwww, Emma!" They thought she was really cute. She sucks her fingers and carries around a little giraffe blanket that she calls Giraffee. I believe she is about 15 months old here.
Emma and Millie had a good time together.
One evening, right before bed, they got all wound up playing a game of chase and peekabo around this chair. It was absolutely adorable. It was great fun to watch them entertain each other.
Giggles and running. Tessa changed Emma out of the yellow pajamas so that she could have better traction to run.
More girl fun. This was a different night. Here they are having some more fun in Ethan's bed.
Reading to the kids while the parents packed up their car to leave.
Saying goodbye.
Cal will miss his buddy!
One last picture. We came outside to wave them off. What a fun visit! We're so grateful they made the effort to come! We love you all, Mitchell, Tessa, Ethan and Emma and new baby inside. So glad we're family!

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