Monday, May 11, 2009


We recently had the opportunity to attend another "homeschool" ball. There are a number of homeschool families in our community who have coordinated to put on some balls with old-fashioned line dancing (contra dancing). Some folks from our church hosted one on New Year's Eve, which is the first one we attended. Several other homeschool families hosted another one a few weeks ago. They have tried to implement a historical theme and make it into an Old South ball. We are slowly getting familiar with the dances and are trying to give the boys the opportunity to learn them and participate, even though we don't have costumes to dress for the theme at this point. The pictures I've posted were entirely taken by Sam and Will. It's difficult to get good pictures of the dancing anyway and these were taken by the kids, so the quality is pretty bad. Still, you can get the idea. :-)
First, is mom and William doing the opening dance, the Grand March.
Courting couple, Matt and Tricia, in the Grand March. Another homeschooling mother that I've gotten to know a little bit, Beth Welsh, is behind them with her husband Stuart.
One of the hosting families is the Kincell Family. They have three daughters who helped a great deal with the preparation for the ball. Below is the eldest Kincell daughter, Kiri.
The middle Kincell daughter, Keeley, is to the left of me in this picture. This picture is of Samuel and I doing the Virginia Reel (actually, clapping while watching the lead couple sachet down the row).
Lovely Theresa Moss.
You can't see their faces, but you can see the coordinating outfits of the Carpenter girls from church. In blue is Shanna and in pink is Shaela.
A dark picture of Evan Jackson, from church, in his fun costume.
Shaela and Evan.
This is Sam doing the Patty-cake Polka. In the lovely blue gown is the youngest Kincell daughter, Kelsey.
...and turn the lady under!
Matt and Tricia doing the fast and fun Posties Jig.
Going round the "posts."
I think this is the Liberty Reel. We don't know this one.
Bridge-making in the Liberty Reel.
Samuel and mom ready to do the Gay Gordon.
Ben and Millie dancing on the sidelines.
Millie's friend, Ern, from Malaysia.
The ball's really are a ball. We only stay for about half of the evening and then head home to put our little ones to bed. Great fun, though.

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