Monday, May 4, 2009


This time it's Ben's turn to celebrate his special day. He started off his day with some special blueberry pecan baked french toast. Birthday breakfast with everyone.
For his birthday dinner he chose to have chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes.
Serving chicken pie.
The next two pictures are humoring Ben. He's the one that always wants me to take a picture of his silly poses. Since this is his birthday post, I'll include them in.
:-) Some very Benny poses.

After dinner came the party, as usual.
I had a lot of fun making Ben's cake. I got out a decorator's kit that Peter bought me several years ago. I finally got to try my hand at piping out icing. It was also really fun to surprise Benny. He had no idea what his cake would look like. Below, he is shocked and amazed at seeing that blazing rocket cake!Blowing out the candles.
Happy 6th birthday, Benny buddy!!!!
We chose to do a bit of a space theme for this party. I got the boys some glowing bands that they could wear as bracelets.
They had a great time experimenting with how many different things they could do with the glowing rings.
They made glasses out of them. This one is Ben, even though you can't see him.
And Alien.
Sam thought it made a good halo.

Now to the gifts. I got him a few little space-themed fun things. This is a container of bubble solution in the shape of a rocket.
A rocket launcher.
Some glowing planets and stars to put on his ceiling.
Grandma Betty sent Ben a Dr. Seuss book and a dry-erase activity book. She also sent a furry something below.
Roarrrrr!! It's a lion.
The lion was a hit with Ben, for sure.
Here Ben is opening a little gift from Sam......a die-cast plane.
Sam also drew him an ocean scene.
Here's a closer view of part of it.
I like the turtle and the crab in the middle.
Aunt Leslie and Uncle John sent Ben a sketch pad and colored pencils. He's been wanting some pencils of his own since Sam got some at Christmas.
Opening his backpack from Grammy and Papa.
Grammy got some activity books and other goodies to put inside the backpack.
Oh, and Peter got him a remote-control tarantula. What was he thinking? :-)
Saved until last was Ben's big gift.
A crossbow that shoots suction-tipped darts, complete with target to aim at.
He's pleased, for sure!
Pulling back the string, getting ready to shoot.
The party's over and it's time for bed. Ben and Cal posed in their space pajamas.
Peter set up their little tent in the basement and let them sleep in it for a birthday treat.
I think this is Benny pretending to snore. Goodnight, little boys!
The next day I took some pictures of some of the cards Ben got. This one was from Grandma Betty, who just happened to send him a space card. Wow, that worked out well.
Some 6th birthday cards. What a fun day for this 6 year old.


Jennie and Julie said...

Wow...what a lot of treasures I found this morning on your blog! Thanks for taking the time to post all those. I just loved the cake you made, and the candles at the bottom were so did you think of that? In the one picture where the candles were lighted and reflecting off of the foil it looked like that rocket was going to blast off! Very cute!
I also loved the photo of Benny and Calvin together. It DOES look like they are getting closer and bonding. Fun to sleep in the tent together. Great post, I loved it.

Laffing Dawg said...

Happy Birthday Ben. I love the space themed party. I am a space fan myself. Your family and the creativity they show are just amazing. Good work mom and dad! I love the Bible on the table. Is this something that you do at the dinner table - a Bible reading. What a great thing to do.

Hope your day is special.

Peter Jones said...

We do Bible readings at meals as well as catechism and memory verse review. We even occasionally sing, especially on Saturday nights for our Sabbath feasts. On birthdays, Peter does a particular reading, Proverbs 3 for the boys and Proverbs 31 for the girls.
Thank you for your kind words. I hope your day is special too!