Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, he was working on his sermon. That is, until 12 things happened at once and he came to rescue me and his daughters. I was washing Millie's hair and found a tick attached behind her ear. Cecily, at that moment, decided she was DONE playing and started crying with much urgency. Okay, so maybe it wasn't 12 things, but it felt like a meltdown moment. We dealt with the tick while Sam (or Will?) held Cecily, then Peter entertained the girls while I washed Cal's hair who was waiting his turn. Sermon out the window. That happens occasionally. This actually was not a very true emergency moment, but as I took his picture he said I should title it, "Peter, working on his sermon."I took the pictures because they were so enjoying this spontaneous moment of fellowship!!
And Cecily was really working on a new skill, closing the little trap doors. You can see in her face that it takes some serious concentration.

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Jennie and Julie said...

We enjoyed the pictures. Tell Will that I did find something down exploring the rocks on the ocean. I found a whole bunch of small rock and shells all broken up by the crashing waves of the ocean and in the rocks I found Agates. I picked up a hand full. Mostly very small and very polished agates. The size of a pea. It was a lot of fun.