Monday, April 19, 2010


A couple of weeks back the boys innovated a stick swing during their playtime outside. I came outside to find Calvin taking a ride. It seemed to work out pretty well.

It was very nice to see the boys make it all on their own and to see them work together and help each other.

William was the only who could get onto it without assistance. He did a sort of frog leap and swung his legs up around the sides of the stick.

He's also the one to figure out tricks and variations on using the swing. He's the most acrobatic of the boys.

Helping Ben on.

Now he just needs a good push...and then big smiles.

Here's the inventor himself.

No hands!
They said that the stick wasn't very comfortable to sit on, but I think they were thrilled that they had made it themselves and enjoyed it anyway. :)

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Laffing Dawg said...

Of course, I just love this post. Working together, smiling together. What wonderful, creative children. And those smiles reach across the miles and warm my heart.

Love it, and love you all,